X-TREME Hyaluron Infusion Treatment (1 treatment)

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X-TREME Hyaluron Infusion Treatment (1 treatment)

Supports the formation of moisture and long-lasting hyaluronic acid supply deposits in the skin. Improves hydration and elasticity long-term in the skin

Micro Peel (1)

Ingredients: glycerine, sorbitol, pentylene gylcol

Features: moisturizes and peels


Retard Gel (1)

Ingredients: micro-molecular & macro-molecular hyaluronic acid, sorbitol, glycerine

Features: immediate hydration, long-lastin hydration


Intensive Cream Step 1 (1)

Ingredients: macro-molecular hyaluronic acid, sorbitol, glycerine, squalane, oat extract, papaya fruit extract, ATP

Features: moisturizing, forms protective film on skin


Intensive Cream Step 2 (1)

Ingredients: sorbitol, glycerine, squalane, pentylene gylcol

Features: intensifies step 1, moisturizing and protection




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