A Classic skin care products boast Vitamin A or retinol as a crucial cornerstone for both body and skin. This essential vitamin serves as a pivotal function carrier and stimulator for the skin.

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A Classic skincare products play a significant role in shaping the collagen structure and influencing enzyme activity in aging skin. KLAPP’s specifically utilized retinol proves highly effective in addressing diminished repair mechanisms. The retinol thermal cabin treatment, coupled with ongoing home care, imparts a sense of freshness and fullness to the skin.

Follow the Routine Day with A Classic Ultra Cream in the morning and A Classic Cream, along with A Classic Eye Care Cream, in the evening. Additionally, incorporate the A Classic Effect Mask into your weekly skincare regimen.

A Classic Cream:

Designed as a night cream with a focus on balance, refinement, and firming effects.
Easily absorbed into the skin for a seamless application.
Offers rich night skincare benefits and can also be used as a 24-hour skincare solution.
Leaves the skin with a pleasantly soft feel.

A Classic Ultra Cream:

Positioned as a high-quality day cream with revitalizing properties. Contains a natural sun protection factor for added skincare benefits.

Serves as a perfect base for makeup application.
Helps the skin feel velvety soft, making it an excellent choice for daytime skincare.

Choose the right cream for your specific needs, whether for nighttime rejuvenation with A Classic Cream or daytime revitalization with the added benefits of sun protection in A Classic Ultra Cream.

A Classic – Power Boost Treatment (for Salon & Spa)

Experience the ultimate in comprehensive anti-aging care for mature skin with the A Classic Power Boost Treatment. This innovative treatment delivers clear and impactful results.

The skin undergoes intensive moisturization, minimizing small wrinkles and lines, while promoting cell regeneration for a rejuvenated appearance. Ideal for salons and spas, indulge in the transformative effects of the A Classic Power Boost Treatment.