KLAPP COSMETICS Over 40 years of experience and continuous research and development of new high-tech active ingredients and methods, always resulting in the highest treatment success.  Our products included retail and professional treatment for Spa and Salon.


Introducing  KLAPP Skin Care products, meticulously crafted to ensure the health, beauty, and radiance of your skin through an intelligent fusion of scientific expertise and an understanding of natural active ingredient principles. At KLAPP, we dedicate ourselves to developing skincare solutions that harness the power of highly potent, natural active ingredients, aiming to stimulate and fortify the body’s inherent abilities. Grounded in the latest scientific advancements and employing cutting-edge technologies, our product line encompasses a variety of popular formulations:

Age Resist: A Classic, Repagen Exclusive, Retinol, Collagen.      Balance: Hyaluronic, Hyaluronic Multi Level

Calm:           Beta Glucan, Skin Natural.                                             Protect:  Caviar Power, Diamond, Sun Protection

Recharge:   C Pure , Stri- Pexan                                                          Purify:         Cleansing, Clean & active 

Special Need: ASA Peel, Immun, X-treme, PSC, Men, Gift Set , Ultimate Skin Care