As the number of individuals experiencing reactions to cosmetics rises, Beta Glucan series has been created to address this concern.

The Beta Glucan series products are devoid of perfumes and dyes and are crafted without chemical emulsifiers or common chemical preservatives.

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 What does Beta Glucan do in skincare?

Unlock the transformative benefits of Beta Glucan for your skin. Designed to address even the most stressed skin, Beta-glucan provides instant soothing and calming effects. Enhanced by a high concentration of micro silver, this skincare powerhouse goes the extra mile to effectively reduce existing irritations, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized.

KLAPP Beta Glucan Products

Utilizing a moisturizing agent with preservative properties, these products are suitable for all skin types and are especially recommended for problem skin and skin types prone to reactions due to their reduced allergy potential.

Beta Glucan 24hr Cream , Beta Glucan Ampoule , Beta Glucan Souce of Balance Mask, Skin Natural Aloe vera Gel