Repagen Exclusive Cleansing Cream Mousse

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Cleaning and care in one
Deeply effective cleaning
Does not dry out the skin

The innovative formulation for a pore-deep clean skin feeling with gentle freshness


Repagen Exclusive Cleansing Cream mousse combines cleansing and tonic in one product.
It gently removes makeup and dirt particles, leaving the skin soft, balanced and receptive to subsequent care.
The water lily extract contained is rich in Vitamin C and is distinguished by its soothing and anti-oxidant effect.


Dry dehydrated skin, mature skin

How to use:
Use morning and evening. Face, neck and d?collet? moisten with water.
Put some Cleansing Cream mousse onto the palm and lather with a little water.
Applying light lather and then rinse.

Repagen Exclusive

Facial expressions, free radicals, dehydration, genetic predisposition and a number of other factors rob the skin of its freshness and elasticity over time.
Most care products only counteract individual causes of aging. With the new Repagen Exclusive, Klapp now offers a global innovation with an all-encompassing anti-aging effect.

The secret of Repagen Exclusive are the pioneering high-tech ingredients. They affect all three skin layers – epidermis, dermis and subcutis – and make the exclusive system care series a perfect solution for the highest demands.


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