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The use of this ionic brush has been shown to provide numerous benefits, including an increase in energy levels and an overall sense of wellbeing. It stimulates the lymph flow  and encourages detoxification. In addition, it can boost the immune system, increase oxygenation through the skin, and improve circulation, which in turn promotes the production of elastin and collagen for improved skin tone.

The brush also produces and enhances the absorption of negative ions (anions), helping to break down cellulite and remove dead skin.

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Ionic body brush is designed for dry detox body brushing and lymph massage, while also serving to balance the body’s electromagnetic energy. Its components include a wooden body, leather handle, and bristles made of fine bronze filaments and horsehair. This classic brush is a straightforward and efficient tool for detoxification and overall wellness. What sets this brush apart from typical body brushes is its ability to balance the body’s electrical fields and generate negatively charged ions for delivery to the body. These distinctive characteristics contribute to a multitude of positive health and wellness effects.
The BRUSH provides physical and emotional comfort by carrying out an energetic and invigorating massage.
In only 5 minutes daily, you will relax, revitalize and strengthen the body  immune system. It activates the blood circulation

Massage the  body with IONIC BRUSH every day. It is important to apply regularly. for the best result after dry brush use Repagen Body Care products
*Please note that if you have a skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, the ionic body brush may not be for you.


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