CAVIAR Ampoule

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  • The liposome complex
  • valuable caviar extracts activate cell metabolism,
  • improve cell respiration
  • promote repair processes in the skin.


Caviar Ampoule skin booster with advanced anti-aging technology nourish and bolster the skin’s innate repair mechanisms. Featuring an exclusive caviar complex and natural bio-peptides, these ampoules invigorate cell metabolism, providing tired skin with the necessary impulses for a resilient surface.
KLAPP Caviar Ampoule skin boosters offer a beauty and wellness solution for both men and women seeking an exclusive experience to enhance relaxation and well-being. Particularly beneficial for dry and lipid-deficient sensitive skin, the liposome complex and precious caviar extracts activate cell metabolism, enhance cell respiration, and support skin repair processes.

What benefits does the caviar ampoule provide for the skin?

It offers moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging, and retexturizing protective properties, contributing to the reversal of the aging process. Moreover, caviar extract is recognized for its ability to shield against ultraviolet rays, prevent elastin breakdown, and alleviate inflammation

For dry, sensitive skin which is poor in lipids.

Caviar Ampoule skin Booster 2ml x10

Ref: A9006

How to Use :

Keep the ampoule in an upright position and gently tap the top a few times to gather all the liquid below the neck of the ampoule. Safeguard your hands with tissue as you snap off the top of the ampoule. Pour the contents into the clean, dry palm of your hand.

Apply evenly to the cleansed skin on your face and neck during your at-home treatment. Continue with your regular skincare routine afterward.



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