CLEAN & ACTIVE Enzyme Peeling 250ml

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This enzyme peeling is a special and highly effective cleansing product on enzyme basis.


Clean & Active Enzyme peeling is a highly effective cleansing product that utilizes enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells and calluses. It helps normalize sebaceous gland activity and has antibacterial properties. This treatment clears the skin, making it more absorbent and allowing care substances to penetrate effectively into the epidermis. As a result, the skin feels smooth and supple again.

When using the KLAPP Clean & Active cleansing series, the pores of the skin open and the active ingredients of the subsequent care can be optimally absorbed by the skin and channeled directly to where they are supposed to work.

For all skin types

How to Use: apply Clean & Active Enzyme Peeling on skin 1-2 time per week for 15 min wash off.


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