The CELL PRO care line for timelessly youthful beauty combines advanced active cosmetics with elegant design, offering exclusive, high-quality care experiences with visible results.

Each CELL PRO line is specifically crafted to counteract the signs of skin aging, featuring selected combinations of active ingredients tailored to different phases of the aging process. These combinations work together to promote and maintain a youthful, even skin appearance.

Our innovative KAP technology focuses on preserving the skin’s natural functions. Immerse yourself in a world of timeless beauty, supported by cutting-edge science and a passion for skincare

“I am deeply convinced that the effective, tailor-made solutions of this series will inspire everyone. CELL PRO embodies our passion for timeless beauty and innovative skincare,”
said Gerhard Klapp, Founder.
Cell Pro
Cell Pro

Firm: This care duo repairs the skin barrier, enhances elasticity, and combats skin aging. It stimulates the skin’s collagen synthesis, reducing lines and wrinkles for visibly youthful, firm skin.

Lift: This care duo addresses multiple signs of skin aging. It minimizes lines and wrinkles, promotes the skin’s natural regeneration process, and firms the skin structure for a visibly even complexion.

Eye Cream: This eye cream provides intensive moisture, plumps the skin from within, and promotes cell renewal. It effectively targets dark circles, lines, and wrinkles for a visibly youthful, smoother eye area.

The Future of Youthful Freshness and Radiant Beauty

For those seeking timeless beauty and glowing skin, KLAPP Skin Care Science introduces the new CELL PRO facial care line. This innovative line ensures an even, radiant complexion, making the skin look more youthful.

The CELL PRO range comprises three sub-lines, each featuring a cream and serum tailored to meet various skin needs. Additionally, the CELL PRO Eye Cream smoothes and brightens the eye area for a luminous appearance.

Exclusive designed and available for Spa and salon.  contact our sales team

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