Hyaluronic Eye Care Roll-On

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An exclusive special  for the  eye area.
Give the eye contour
new elasticity and resilience.



Hyaluronic Eye Care Roll-On 10ml

A unique and specialized skincare product designed for the delicate and sensitive eye area. Innovative ingredients derived from cellulose derivatives, biopolymers, and micro-algae enhance elasticity and resilience around the eyes. Hyaluronic acid delivers optimal moisture to the skin while reducing wrinkles. The innovative Hyaluronic Eye Care Roll-on applicator provides an additional cooling and decongestant effect, helping to counteract tissue blockages.

Hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient in all Hyaluronic Multiple Effect products, formulated with molecules of varying sizes to penetrate different skin layers effectively. Known for its intense moisture-binding capacity, hyaluronic acid boosts moisture levels within the skin’s layers and acts as a filler for smoothing wrinkles. Beyond its hydrating properties, hyaluronic acid supports cell renewal, shields against environmental damage and free radicals, and enhances the stability and production of elastic and collagen fibers.

How to usd

apply morning and night

An innovative ingredient fro cellulose derivatives, biopolymers and micro-algae
Skin condition Tightness & dryness
Age 20-60+
Skin Type Dry Skin | Normal skin



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